Mys helg

Imorgon är det fredag, skönt skönt skönt.

Det blir till att köpa jacka på kvällen! Yes! Och självklart skorna, verkligen perfekta. Sååå glad :)

And, we are going to the city on Sunday to see stuff that we "must" see! We are heading downtown to see the house from "Friends" (Vänner) and also Carries stairs from Sex and the city. Washington Square park, where they where shooting some parts from "August Rush" and "I Am Legend". And Im gonna show Aline the "statue" that is from Ps I love you. No, i can't see it to many times :) Loooooove it!!!!!

And if we have more time after that we will be going uptown and hopefully picking some flowers in Central Park before they all go away. You know i want to pick some and then put it in a book, so i can keep it forever :) And i want a picture inside the Plaza hotel (Home alone 2 you know??).
Also I want to go up in the Rockafeller tower (I seriously dont know what it's called, haha ?!?). Hopefully we have time, but if not we are planning to go another time! But i can't wait to go, And its more fun and better to go with a friend, cus then they can take the photos of you and whatever the thing is :P

I felt sick today, but its better now. Feel like sleeping, maybe a good idea?

Take care, XXX


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